Remote Staffing Services that help you build your virtual team in the Global Marketplace

Save 72% by outsourcing to a professional staffing firm in India

  • Hire a virtual employee in any domain
  • Your own office in India
  • Free bespoke recruitment

Virtual Employees and Teams for any Domain or Profession

If you can work online you can hire a remote employee

No matter what your domain, TeckValley caters to more than 150 IT and non-IT domains - web designing, software development, digital marketing, content writing, mobile app development, multimedia animation, engineering, legal process outsourcing, legal and medical transcription, and much more.

And to cater to all these domains we have a vast talent pool of educated and skilled English-proficient resources who work round the clock to grow your company and brand.

TeckValley is Your Office in India

Your very own employees but who work on the other side of the world. We keep the transition so seamless and stress-free you'll never feel the difference.

Hiring virtual staffing services from TeckValley enables you to set up your own branch office in India and all this at a zero setup cost and time investment. All of your requirements of IT, hardware, infrastructure, HR, accounts, employee taxes and benefits, etc will be taken care of by us. You not only hire staffing services but also have the advantage of having an offshore office, minus the logistics and management headache.

What’s more, with TeckValley, you enjoy having your own office with your very own company logo marking the private rooms where your remote employees work. An offshore team that is entirely run and controlled by you, that can work your business hours, bridging time zone differences, and one that is a part of your company. A fully customized outsourcing experience is what we offer you at TeckValley.

Bespoke Recruitment

Save Recruitment Fees Worth $30,000's bespoke recruitment is designed for easy and quick access to the vast Indian talent pool of 400+ million English-educated professionals!

You literally handpick your resources and build your team as per your budget and needs. The entire legwork is done by TeckValley’s ace recruiters. From scanning through a huge resume database to arranging video/Zoom interviews with triple-vetted candidates that best fit your job description and costs, our highly experienced recruitment team helps you go from searching to hiring within 8 hours.

The team spends hours sourcing top-drawer candidates to match your needs so you have the perfect employee and team to deliver results. If an in-house skillset does not meet your description and instructions, the recruitment team at TeckValley recruits for you employees from anywhere in India.

All this for zero recruitment fees!

Using VirtualEmployee, the workflow was smooth. We didn’t have all those daily problems that you have with managing employees.

David Wynn, Managing Attorney, Wynn Law Firm

Smooth and Stress-free Online Communication and Collaboration

Post COVID-19, working online from remote locations is not so uncommon anymore. But teams working different time zones and multiple locations can be very challenging. Not with TeckValley.


Because when you hire remote workers from our India office you not only get access to a highly experienced talent pool of experts, you also get the big advantage of hiring resources from a professional staffing firm that offers employees working in multiple domains all under one roof!

Why have a team scattered across the globe when you can reap the benefit of having 150+ different IT and non-IT professionals working under the same roof and also the same time zone? Single vendor, single invoice.

This is why it makes sense:

  • Collaboration is easy and effortless
  • Trainings become super effective
  • Team meetings are smoother
  • Creating team hierarchy becomes less complicated
  • The entire experience is very convenient, easy and hassle-free

We communicated through email, telecons, he would be calling through teleconferences and also Skype. So, it was simple; in fact sometimes we have more trouble communicating with clients than we did with Niladri.

Ray Peck, the CEO of VXP Pharma, USA